Life and Health

General Information

Guidance for Filers and Public Access to Filings

  • Life and Health Division staff listing with contact information
  • All filings must be submitted electronically through the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filings (SERFF) website.  
  • SERFF Public Access for users without a SERFF login
    • Click Begin Search, then under Filing Search, provide as much information as possible to narrow the results. 
    • If you do not see what you are looking for, broaden the search. 
    • You can sort your research results by date or type of filing. 
  • SERFF login page for authorized filers 
    • See the Nebraska General Instructions in SERFF for technical instructions and general filing requirements. 
    • Product-specific filing requirements are provided below and organized by type of product. 
  • NAIC Glossary of Insurance Terms
  • Trade Secret Protection for Health Insurance Filings in SERFF
    • ​Provides instructions for making a trade secret request and lists categories of information that will, or will not, be given trade secret protection 
    • A trade secret request form specifically designed for major medical products is provided below under "Major Medical (ACA Individual, Small Group and Large.)"
  • ​For group policy filings, please specify the type of group (employer, union, trust, association, discretionary group, etc.) under Neb. Rev. Stat§ 44-760  for accident and sickness insurance and §§ 44-1601 to 44-1606.03 for life insurance. 
    • Under federal rules, non-employer groups are not permitted for ACA major medical insurance. 
    • Non-employer groups should provide information about the type of group and how the group meets statutory requirements for group status. 
  • A Note About Life and Health Division Checklists

Annual Reports to the Life and Health Division

Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (Interstate Compact)

Accident & Sickness Insurance

Discount Medical Plan Organizations

  • The Discount Medical Plan Organization Act is at Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-8301 to § 44-8316. A Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) provides a discount on medical or ancillary services from certain providers in exchange for a fee or other payment. A provider who gives discounts to his or her own patients without any cost to the patient to access those discounts is not required to obtain a certificate of registration as a DMPO. A DMPO is not an insurer and does not hold premium dollars to pay claims on behalf of its members. 
  • The Life and Health Division approves DMPOs to operate in Nebraska.
  • DMPO applications are not accepted in SERFF. 

Self-Insured Non-Federal Governmental Plans


  • Stop Loss Checklist
  • Stop-loss policies can be filed under the health line of insurance or under property and casualty
  • Corresponding rate filings are required. 

Short Term Major Medical

Limited Benefits (Includes Dental and Vision)

Medicare Supplement

Long-Term Care

Life Insurance and Annuities 

Life Insurance

  • Life insurance checklists are still being developed and exposed to the industry. 
  • Coming soon:
    • Individual Fixed Life Checklist (includes equity indexed)
    • Group Fixed Life Checklist (includes equity indexed)
    • Individual Variable Life Checklist 
    • Group Variable Life Checklist 
  • For all life form filings, indicate whether the product will be marketed using an illustration 
  • If variable products contain a reference to an equity index, specific questions in the Variable Life Checklists will clarify the required justification for variable nonforfeiture. Products filed under the variable TOI should not use the words "equity" or "indexed" in their name and must include a disclosure that even though the product includes a reference to an index, the product was approved as variable with different nonforfeiture rights than those available for purely equity-indexed products. 
  • Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI) Form Filing Requirements
  • Interest Rate Added to Death Claims 
    • ​If a life insurer does not pay a death claim within 30 days of receiving proof of loss, Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-3,143 requires the insurer to pay interest at the rate that was in effect on January 1 of the calendar year in which the proof of loss was submitted to the insurer. 
    • The current rate to be added to death claims not paid within 30 days of receipt of proof of loss in Nebraska is posted on the Nebraska Supreme Court's web page:


  • Fixed Annuities: 
  • Variable Annuities: 
  • Advisory fees or other broke payments can only be subtracted from the balance if they relate to broker services for this particular product. General fees that are not tied to the product cannot be included in fees that can lower the product's balance. 

Guaranteed Investment Contracts

Viatical Settlements

Additional Products

Assumption Reinsurance

  • Assumption Reinsurance Checklist
    • ​Standards for approval of the transfer are provided in the checklist, along with standards for approval of the notice to policyholders. 
  • ​Filing requirements based on insurers' domicile:
    • ​If the assuming or transferring insurer is domiciled in Nebraska, the transfer must be approved by NDOI. 
    • If the assuming or transferring insurer is domiciled in a state that has not adopted assumption reinsurance laws substantially similar to the NAIC Model, the transfer must be approved by NDOI. 
    • If both the transferring and assuming insurers' domiciles have laws substantially similar to the NAIC Model, NDOI approval is not required. Proof of approval in the insurers' domiciles can be submitted in SERFF with the notice to policyholders. 
  • Nebraska's standards are substantially similar to standards in NAIC Model 803.

Credit Insurance

  • For credit life and credit accident and health insurance, loss ratio standards and prima facie rates are published in a guidance document