Company Admissions/Licensing/Registration

Insurance Companies

Company Application

The Nebraska Department of Insurance accepts the "Uniform Certificate of Authority Application" from companies seeking a certificate of authority to write the business of insurance in Nebraska. The "Uniform Certificate of Authority Application" allows foreign insurers to file copies of the same application for admission in numerous states. Instructions to complete the forms are included with each form. This application can be accessed at (Nebraska has no state specific requirements.)

In addition, management needs to be familiar with the Nebraska Insurance Laws and have the experience and qualifications necessary to conduct the business of insurance. The Nebraska Insurance Laws (Chapter 44) can be accessed at

If you should have specific questions regarding the Nebraska Insurance Laws or the requirements for establishment of a domestic company, please contact our Legal Division at (402) 471-2201.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's)

In addition to the "Uniform Certificate of Authority Application" accessed at, please refer to Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-32,117 for additional licensing requirements. (The Health Maintenance Organization Act begins at Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-3292).

Legal Service Insurance Corporations (See Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-3301)

Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement 

Motor Club Service Company

Pre-Paid Dental Service Plans (See Neb.Rev.Stat.§44-3801)

Pre-Need Seller Application and Forms

Pre-Paid Limited Health Service Organizations (See Neb.Rev.Stat.§44-4701)

Purchasing Groups

Risk Retention Groups

Nebraska follows the standard NAIC Risk Retention Group Registration format. The Risk Retention and Purchasing Group Handbook is available from the NAIC Insurance Products & Services Division.

Third Party Administrator

Utilization Review Agent Application

Viatical Reports

Discount Medical Plan Organizations (See Neb.Rev.Stat.§44-8301)

Discount medical plan means a business arrangement or contract in which a person, in exchange for fees, dues, charges, or other consideration, offers access for its members to providers of medical or ancillary services and the right to receive discounts on medical or ancillary services provided under the discount medical plan from those providers.