Agent/Agency Actions

This list represents only the closed actions taken by the Department against agents, sorted by Cause Number. If you want to view the signed order, click on the Cause Number.

Cause #(desc) Name Hearing Type/Statute Order Entered
A-2027 Michael P. Holcomb 44-4059(1)(b), 4404059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(j) and 44-4065(3) 2/23/2016
A-2028 Scott P. Schmer 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-4054(8) 2/25/2016
A-2029 Duncan Preston 44-4059(1)(b), 4404059(1)(h) and 44-4059(1)(j) 2/22/2016
A-2030 Randall Chalupa 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 4404059(1)(i) and 44-4065(1) 5/23/2016
A-2031 Kristian Baso 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h) and 44-4059(1)(i) 3/1/2016
A-2032 Gerald Bryce 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(d), 44-4059(1)(f), 44-4059(1)(g) and 44-4059(1)(h) 4/1/2016
A-2033 Brad Carlson 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b) and 44-4059(1)(h) 3/21/2016
A-2034 Bruce Lee Southwell 44-101, 44-4059(1)(b) and 44-4059(1)(h) 4/7/2016
A-2035 David Kusek 44-4059(1)(e), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-4054(8) 3/30/2016
A-2036 Doron Sterling 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i) and 44-4065(1) 5/3/2016
A-2037 Todd J. Miller License Denial – Denial Upheld) 5/6/2016
A-2038 Kreesan Reddy 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b) and 44-4059(1)(h) 5/9/2016
A-2039 Dustin Rader 44-4059(1)(e) and 44-4059(1)(h) 6/7/2016
A-2040 Andrew Sutter 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b), and 44-4059(1)(h) 7/18/2016
A-2041 Keyon Anthony Moore 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i) and 44-4065(1) 8/31/2016
A-2042 Robert Novotne 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(f), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(n), and 44-4065(3) 9/20/2016
A-2043 Nathan Silva 44-1525(1)(a), 44-1525(8)(a)(i), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(g), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(j) and 44-361 10/27/2016
A-2044 Jacob R. Holland License Denial – License Granted 9/21/2016
A-2045 Paul D. Garnett 44-4059(1)(b), 4059(1)(h), and 44-4065(1) 12/8/2016
A-2046 Brittany Ouellette 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(d), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4054(8) and 44-1525(11) 11/23/2016
A-2047 Eugene Harold Wray III 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(f), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4065(1), 44-4065(3) and 44-1525(11) 11/21/2016
A-2048 Patrick Jason Mallory 44-4054(8), 44059(1)(h), and 44-1525(11) 12/14/2016
A-2049 Rodney A. Rozanek II License Denial – Denial Upheld 11/23/2016