Agent/Agency Actions

This list represents only the closed actions taken by the Department against agents, sorted by Cause Number. If you want to view the signed order, click on the Cause Number.

Cause #(desc) Name Hearing Type/Statute Order Entered
A-2098 Ronald Nitzel License Denial – Denial Upheld 4/18/2018
A-2099 Dick Wollman 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(f), and 44-4065(3) 5/25/2018
A-2093 Kevin Tetti 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i), and 44-4065(1) 4/25/2018
A-2094 Thomas Title & Escrow, LLC 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(g), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-1525(11) 8/7/2018
A-2095 Kristofer Turnbow 44-4059 (1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(o), and 44-4054(8) 4/18/2018
A-2096 Crystal Lessert 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(e), 44-459(1)(f), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-4065(3) 6/11/2018
A-2097 Sergio Archuleta 44-1525(10), 44-1525(11), 44-4059(1)(b), and 44-4059(1)(h) 4/19/2018
A-2100 Cathrina Jacob 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-4059(1)(o) 6/7/2018
A-2101 Ashley Perez 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-4059(1)(o) 6/7/2018
A-2102 William Corchado 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-1525(11) 6/8/2018
A-2103 Ramona Hall 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-4059(1)(o) 6/7/2018
A-2104 Ebele Okocha 44-4059(1)(h) and 44-4059(1)(o) 7/6/2018
A-2105 Ian Wild 44-4059(1)(h) and 44-4059(1)(o) 7/6/2018
A-2106 Jennifer Jaso-Quiroga 44-4059(1)(h) and 44-4059(1)(o) 7/9/2018
A-2107 Rebecca Vermuele 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4054(8), 44-4065(3), 44-1525(10), and 44-6604(1) 7/2/2018
A-2108 David Allen Jones 44-4059(1)(a), and 44-4059(1)(h) 7/26/2018
A-2109 Kyle Smith 44-4059(1)(o) 7/24/2018
A-2110 Kathryn Dunn 44-4059(1)(o) 7/24/2018
A-2111 Kerry Manders 44-4059(1)(o) 7/24/2018
A-2112 Michael Dietzel 44-4059(1)(o) 7/24/2018
A-2113 Wayne Fair 44-4059(1)(b), and 44-4059(1)(h) 7/24/2018
A-2114 Aaron Turco 44-4059(a), 44-4059(1)(b), and 44-4059(1)(h) 7/27/2018
A-2115 Bijan Richards 44-1525(10), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(e), and 44-4059(1)(h) 8/30/2018
A-2116 Jennifer Bray 44-4059(1)(o) 8/15/2018
A-2117 Antoineeta Barker 44-4059(1)(o) 10/5/2018
A-2118 Christopher Anthony 44-4059(1)(o) 10/3/2018
A-2119 Michael T. Hegleson 44-4059(1)(o) 8/7/2018
A-2120 Jerell Yancy 44-4059(1)(o) 10/3/2018
A-2121 Katharine Whitfield 44-4059(1)(o) 10/3/2018
A-2122 Amy Walker 44-4059(1)(o) 10/3/2018
A-2123 Michael J Gabryszewski 44-4059(1)(o) 10/3/2018
A-2124 Henri-Bernard F. Courbin 44-4059(1)(o) 10/3/2018
A-2125 Matthew F. Ganis 44-4059(1)(o) 8/7/2018
A-2127 Paul McCaskill 44-1525(11), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(g), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i), and 44-4065(1) 10/9/2018
A-2128 Desiderio Ramos, Jr. 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i), 44-4059(1)(o) and 44-4065(1) 10/24/2018
A-2129 Daniel Charles Dias Statute 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i), 44-4059(1)(o), and 44-4065(1) 10/9/2018
A-2131 Donald P. Arant License Denial – License Granted 10/18/2018
A-2132 Trisha Wiehl 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i), and 44-4059(1)(o) 10/16/2018
A-2134 Shannon Chase 44-4059(1)(o) 11/6/2018
A-2135 Deborah Anderson 44-4059(1)(o) 12/3/2018
A-2137 Jonathan Watkins 44-4059(1)(o) 11/6/2018
A-2139 Steven M. Shannon License Denial – Denial Upheld 10/29/2018
A-2140 Dustin Shirley License Denial – Denial Upheld 10/30/2018
A-2142 Shelley Jennings 44-4059(1)(o) 11/6/2018
A-2143 Nicholas Garrow 44-4059(1)(o) 11/6/2018
A-2144 Tyler Jason Stewart 44-4059(1)(o) 11/6/2018
A-2145 Valerie Jo Russell 44-4059(1)(o) 11/6/2018
A-2147 David D Henderson 44-4059(1)(o) 11/6/2018
A-2148 Robert J. Douglas 44-4059(1)(o) 10/24/2018
A-2149 Joseph B Smith 44-4059(1)(o) 10/17/2018
A-2151 Claire Ewers 44-4059(1)(o) 10/12/2018
A-2155 Sierra R. Cottle 44-4059(1)(o) 11/7/2018
A-2157 Amy B. Rieg 44-4059(1)(o) 12/3/2018
A-2158 Jennifer Wilson 44-4059(1)(o) 12/3/2018
A-2159 Taylor Martin 44-4059(1)(o) 12/3/2018