Agent/Agency Actions

This list represents only the closed actions taken by the Department against agents, sorted by Cause Number. If you want to view the signed order, click on the Cause Number.

Cause #sort descending Name Hearing Type/Statute Order Entered
A-2051 Samuel Schluckebier 44-1525(11) 1/19/2017
A-2052 Mark S. Diamond 44-4059(1)(g), 44-4059(1)(h) and 44-4065(1) 2/23/2017
A-2053 Matthew B. Baske License Denial – Denial Upheld 1/9/2017
A-2054 Elidhet Soto 44-4059(1)(a), 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(g), 44-4059(1)(h), and 44-1525(11) 2/28/2017
A-2055 Patrick J Mallory 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-4059(1)(i) and 44-4065(1) 3/29/2017
A-2056 David Lee Jackson 44-4059(1)(b), 44-1525(11) and 44-4059(1)(h) 3/2/2017
A-2057 Kevin Sant 44-4059(1)(b), 44-4059(1)(h), 44-1524, and 44-1525(11) 4/6/2017
A-2060 Jason M. Smith License Denial – Denial Upheld 4/6/2017