Agent/Agency Actions

This list represents only the closed actions taken by the Department against agents, sorted by Cause Number. If you want to view the signed order, click on the Cause Number.

Cause # Name Hearing Type/Statute Order Entered
A-2343 Javon Dawson REVOKED 2/8/2024
A-2345 Orlando Martinez Revoked 2/6/2024
A-2347 Shari Miller 44-1524(1), 44-1525(11), 44-4059(1)(b) 5/8/2024
A-2348 Callum A. G. Page Preliminary Application for License: DENIED 2/20/2024
A-2349 Danielle Dhaiti SUSPENDED 1/26/2024
A-2351 Steven Kelly License Denial: DENIED 1/30/2024
A-2352 Rick A. Freeman LICENSE DENIAL UPHELD 2/2/2024
A-2352 Rick Freeman License Denial: UPHELD 3/27/2024
A-2353 Buomkkuoth Wal License Denial: DENIED 2/21/2024
A-2354 David C Burke 44-4059 (h), (j), 44-1524(2) 1/19/2024
A-2355 Julio Nieto REVOKED 2/6/2024
A-2356 Darla Anderson 44-4059(1)(g) 2/15/2024
A-2364 Keisha Frazier 44-4059 (1)(o) 4/9/2024
A-2367 Christian Morales 44-4059(1)(b), (h) 5/13/2024
A-2369 Alexandria-Andrea Moore 44-4059(1)(b),(h) 5/30/2024
A-2373 Heather Pura License Denial: Overturned 5/20/2024
A-2379 Rebecca Herold 44-4059(1)(g),(h) – 44-1524(1),(pursuant to 44-1525(10)) 5/21/2024