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To access annual statement information for any company that is licensed in Nebraska and files with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), please use Consumer Insurance Search on the NAIC's website. 

Insurance Company Mergers, Acquisitions, Conversions, Redomestications and Restructing

For a listing of Orders and Notices for Mergers, Form A Filings, Reorganizations & Redomestications, click the link below:

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Financial Examination Reports

The NDOI performs financial examinations on all domestic insurance companies licensed to conduct business in the state. The examinations determine compliance with Nebraska insurance laws and regulations by identifying violations and ensuring company solvency. All financial examinations are performed in accordance with Nebraska statutes and regulations, and use of the NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook. 

Find the most recent exam report for each Nebraska-domiciled company in the table below:

  Company Report (PDF)
  5 Star Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2021
  Ability Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  Acceptance Casualty Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  Acceptance Indemnity Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  American Family Life Assurance Co. of Columbus (AFLAC) 12/31/2019
  American Interstate Ins. Co. 12/31/2017
  American Life & Security Corp.  12/31/2019
  Ameritas Life Ins. Corp. 12/31/2017
  AssuranceAmerica Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Assurity Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2017
  AZGuard Ins. Co. 12/31/2021
  Berkshire Hathaway Direct Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Berkshire Hathaway Life Ins. Co. of Nebraska (BHLN) 12/31/2020
  Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Ins. Co.  12/31/2020
  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska 12/31/2021
  Capitol Casualty Co. 12/31/2022
  Censtat Casualty Co. 12/31/2019
  Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha 12/31/2019
  Central States Indemnity Co. of Omaha 12/31/2022
  Clay County Mutual Ins. Co.  12/31/2020
  Columbia Ins. Co.  12/31/2020
  Columbia National Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Community Care Health Ins. Plan of NE, Inc. fka WellCare of Nebraska, Inc.  12/31/2017
  Continental American Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  Coventry Health Care of Nebraska, Inc. 12/31/2020
  Cowbell Specialty Ins. Co. 09/15/2022
  CSI Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Delta Dental of Nebraska 12/31/2019
  Employers Mutual Acceptance Co. 12/31/2018
  Farmers Mutual Acceptance Co. 12/31/2018
  Farmers Mutual Fire Association of Seward County 12/31/2018
  Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. of Nebraska 12/13/2021
  Farmers Mutual United Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  First American Title Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  First Landmark Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  First National Life Ins. Co. of the USA 12/31/2022
  FirstComp Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  GEICO Advantage Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  GEICO Choice Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  GEICO Marine Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  GEICO Oasis Ins. Co.  12/28/2023
  GEICO Protection Ins. Co.  07/31/2023
  GEICO Secure Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  German Farmers Mutual Assessment Ins. Association of Hall County, Inc.  12/31/2022
  German Mutual Ins. Association of Nebraska 12/31/2020
  German Mutual Ins. Company of Dodge County 12/31/2021
  Globe Life & Accident Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  Good Samaritan Ins. Plan of Nebraska, Inc. 12/31/2020
  Grange Mutual Ins. Co. of Custer County 12/31/2021
  Great West Casualty Co. 12/31/2021
  Inland Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  InsureMax Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Knox County Farmers Mutual Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  League Association of Risk Management 09/30/2019
  Liberty National Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  Lincoln Benefit Life Co. 12/31/2021
M `  
  Medica Regional Ins. Co.  01/22/2021
  Medicare Advantage Ins. Co. of Omaha 12/31/2022
  Metropolitan Tower Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  Molina Healthcare of Nebraska 08/29/2022
  Mount Vernon Specialty Ins. Co.  12/31/2018
  Mutual Ins. Co. of Saline & Seward Counties 12/31/2019
  Mutual of Omaha Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage Co. 12/31/2022
  NARD Intergovernmental Risk Management 06/30/2020
  NASB ALICAP 12/31/2018
  National Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  National Indemnity Co. 12/31/2020
  Nebraska Community College Ins. Trust 06/30/2022
  Nebraska Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Association of Nebraska 12/31/2020
  Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association 06/30/2022
  Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association II 06/30/2022
  Norfolk Mutual Ins. Co. 12/31/2021
  Northern Nebraska United Mutual Ins. Co. 12/31/2021
  Oak River Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Olive Branch Assessment Ins. Society, Inc. 12/31/2019
  Omaha Health Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Omaha Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Omaha National Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  Omaha Supplemental Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Pacific Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Physicians Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Physicians Mutual Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Physicians Select Ins. Co. 11/30/2022
  Platte River Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  Polk & Butler Mutual Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  Preferred Professional Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  ProSelect Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  QPIC Ins. Co. 01/31/2022
  Radnor Specialty Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  Redwood Fire and Casualty Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Republican Valley Mutual Protective Association 12/31/2020
  Sapphire Edge, Inc. 12/31/2021
  Scandinavian Mutual Ins. Co. of Axtell, Nebraska 12/31/2018
  Scandinavian Mutual Ins. Co. of Polk County 12/31/2020
  Silver Oak Casualty, Inc. 12/31/2021
  Stonetrust Commercial Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Stonetrust Premier Casualty Ins. Co. 12/31/2020
  Summit Specialty Ins. Co. 09/30/2020
  Surety Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Tier One Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  United American Ins. Co. 12/31/2019
  United Casualty and Surety Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  United Healthcare of the Midlands, Inc. 12/31/2018
  United of Omaha Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  United World Life Ins. Co. 12/31/2022
  Universal Surety Co. 12/31/2018
  Washington County Mutual Ins. Co. 12/31/2018
  Western United Mutual Ins. Association 12/31/2019
  Woodmen of the World Life Ins. Society 12/31/2018
  York County Farmers Mutual Ins. Co.  12/31/2022


For questions regarding financial examinations or the examination reports, contact:
Assistant Chief Examiner - Field
Skyler Lawyer, CFE

Summary of Insurance Business

Each year, NDOI puts together a summary of what has happened with insurance in Nebraska. It includes a summary of each division in the department, a listing of companies with pledged securities and how much they are, how many companies are domiciled in Nebraska and the type of company, which new companies were licensed, how much premium was written in Nebraska in aggregate, as well as, premium and other financial information by a company that is provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Also included is the guaranty association's annual statement. See below for the reports for the last five years.

2023 Summary of Insurance Business in Nebraska 

2022 Summary of Insurance Business in Nebraska

2021 Summary of Insurance Business in Nebraska

2020 Summary of Insurance Business in Nebraska

2019 Summary of Insurance Business in Nebraska

2018 Summary of Insurance Business in Nebraska

2017 Summary of Insurance Business in Nebraska

Rating Agencies

Although the NDOI does not rate the financial condition of insurance companies, there are many private rating services that conduct financial analysis and grade insurance companies. Each rating service uses its own criteria. Private ratings are only opinions and carry no guarantee of accuracy. However, such ratings can provide you with some information about how private analysts view the financial condition of particular insurance companies. 

Listed below are five rating services that can provide rating information on insurance companies:

The above links to other websites are not maintained by the NDOI. Also, a link to another website does not represent an endorsement of that site by the NDOI. 


Internationally Active Insurance Groups

As insurance companies have expanded their global presence, it has become necessary to have an established framework for the supervision of insurance groups that have a large international presence. This framework allows for effective group-wide supervision across varying global jurisdictions. 

Pursuant to Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-2154, the director may determine whether or not an insurance holding company system is an international insurance group based on established criteria. 

Additionally, pursuant to the criteria defined in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 44-2155, the Director of the Nebraska Department of Insurance must appoint an appropriate group-wide supervisor for an international insurance group. 


Nebraska's Supervision of Internationally Active Insurance Groups

The internationally active insurance groups where Nebraska is the group-wide supervisor are as follows:

Holding Company Name Effective Date
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. January 2020
Pacific Mutual Holding Company February 2023



Questions about Internationally Active Insurance Groups

Please contact Anthony Quandt if you have any questions regarding internationally active insurance groups.

Anthony Quandt
Group Solvency Specialist 
(402) 471-3164