Legal Issues

The Legal Division's primary responsibilities include preparing Department of Insurance regulations, bulletins, and legal interpretations, representing the Department in administrative hearings, and processing applications by domestic insurers for certificates of authority, mergers, acquisitions, and domestications. This Division also renders legal advice on policy form approvals, financial transactions, investments, and agreements entered into by insurers, as well as coordinating legislative matters.

Enforcement of compliance with the Nebraska insurance statutes and Department of Insurance regulations by all insurers, insurance producers, brokers, and all others licensed by the Department of Insurance, as well as unauthorized entities, is performed by the Legal Division. As counsel for the Department, the Legal Division acts as a liaison with the Attorney General's Office regarding all pending litigation and/or appeals from administrative rulings.

Additionally, the Legal Division acts as counsel for the Director in connection with the supervision, rehabilitation, or liquidation of domestic insurance companies, and advises the Director in connection with the operation of the Nebraska Property and Liability Insurance Guaranty Association, the Nebraska Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, the Medical Malpractice Excess Liability Fund, and the Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool.


Legal Division Staff

Matt Holman  General Counsel
Krystle Ledvina Garcia Staff Attorney
Robert Bell Staff Attorney
Bob Harkins Staff Attorney
Tracy Burns Staff Attorney
Brandis Bauer Paralegal