Surplus Lines Statutes

44-5501 Act, how cited.

44-5502 Terms, defined.

44-5503 Surplus lines license; issuance.

44-5504 Nonadmitted insurer; surplus lines license; application; fee; expiration; renewal.

44-5505 Nonadmitted insurer; surplus lines licensee; record of business; contents; how kept.

44-5506 Surplus lines licensee; quarterly statement; tax payment; director; powers.

44-5507 Nonadmitted insurer; personal jurisdiction.

44-5508 Surplus lines licensee; requirements; duties of licensee; violations; penalty; nonadmitted insurer; requirements.

44-5509 Surplus lines licensee; policy; information required.

44-5510 Insurance; procurement from nonadmitted insurer; when; terms and conditions; surplus lines licensee; exempt from due diligence search; conditions.

44-5511 Surplus lines licensee; report; contents; when due.

44-5512 Violations; director; hearing; orders; penalty; appeal.

44-5513 Repealed. Laws 2001, LB 51, § 42.

44-5514 Rules and regulations.

44-5515 Exempt commercial purchaser; taxes; form.