Education for Licensees

First Time License Process for Nebraska Residents

  1. Applicants need to register and pass the insurance examination for the appropriate line of authority.  Visit to register for your insurance exam. 
  2. After passing your exam, information is uploaded by Prometric directly to the Department of Insurance.  Please allow 2-3 days for the exam information to be uploaded to our system.
  3. Applicants must then go to and apply for the insurance license. You must apply and be issued a Nebraska insurance license in order to sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance in the state of Nebraska.
  4. Once the application is submitted, please allow 3-5 days for processing.  You can go to to download or print a copy of your new license.

If you need to look up your National Producer Number (NPN),  please click here.

License Information Bulletin – Information regarding fees, scheduling policies, scoring and what to expect when going to the test centers.


Prepare for the exam

Study Materials

You may use the material of your choosing to study for the license exam.  Many different providers offer exam prep courses and because of the number and array of methods the department does not review, approve or recommend providers.

Nebraska statutes are referenced on the topic outline additionally and are available to review online or at any public library.

Exam Content Outlines

Each type of license consists of an outline broken down into each topic and the percentage of questions covered for each topic.  The outlines can be viewed at:

Additional Information

Testing Centers Regulations, Testing Process and Test Fees can be reviewed in the Prometric Licensing Information Handbook

Practice Exam

Take a Prometric Practice Exam at no cost.

Practice exams contain general insurance questions that are created in the same format as the actual exam.  They do not contain state specific information.

Practice exams are available for Life, Health and Property/Casualty in English only at this time.

Continuing Education Information

License Number

Nebraska adopted the National Producer Number (NPN) as the Nebraska License Number. 

 Look up your License number 

Education Transcript

Please allow Continuing Education Providers 10 days after each course is completed to upload the credit electronically onto your Education Transcript. 

 View or print your Education Transcript 

Repeating a course

A producer may not repeat a continuing education course for credit within a 2 year renewal period.

Continuing Education credits

Continuing Education credits may not be carried over to the next renewal period, if you have taken more than required.


Continuing Education credits needed for license renewal

Licensees qualified to solicit one or more major lines of authority shall be required to complete the following approved continuing education activities plus 3 hours of ethics

Life 21 + 3 ethics = 24 hours
Health 21 + 3 ethics = 24 hours
Combined Life and Health 21 + 3 ethics = 24 hours
Property 21 + 3 ethics = 24 hours
Casualty 21 + 3 ethics = 24 hours
Combined Property and Casualty 21 + 3 ethics = 24 hours
Personal Lines 21 + 3 ethics = 24 hours
Title  6 + 3 ethics =  9 hours
Crop  3 + 3 ethics =  6 hours
Funeral  6 + 3 ethics =  9 hours
Funeral - Director  3 + 3 ethics =  6 hours
Viatical 12 + 3 ethics = 15 hours

*No licensee shall be required to complete more than 24 cumulative hours in any two-year period.


Continuing Education Course Look Up

Approved programs (Seminars/Workshops/Webinars) sponsored by various organizations that are open to all agents and held in the Nebraska area. Included within this listing are the Independent Study, National courses (such as CLU, CPCU, LUTC, etc.), College and University Courses and a comprehensive company listing.

Please note- Providers are no longer required to submit offering dates/locations to our department. When searching for “classroom” courses select course categories and method only. You will then need to contact the provider directly or view their website for local offerings.

Continuing Education Course Lookup with Offerings


Annuity Suitability “Best Interest” Training Requirements

Any insurance producer who holds a life insurance line or a limited line funeral insurance license, who desires to solicit the sale of annuity products shall complete, a one-time four-credit annuity training course approved by the Nebraska Department of Insurance and provided by a Nebraska-approved continuing education provider.  

Any producer who has completed an approved annuity training course prior to July 1, 2021, shall complete either a new four-credit annuity training course or an additional one-time, one-credit training course approved by the Nebraska Department of Insurance and provided by a Nebraska-approved continuing education provider on appropriate sales practices and replacement and disclosure requirements under the Nebraska Protection in Annuity Transactions Act.  The new four-credit annuity training course or additional one-time, one credit training course shall be completed by December 31,2021.

To search for approved annuity courses in Nebraska please go to Continuing Education Course Lookup and select “Annuity” as the Course Group


Long-Term Care Partnership Training Requirements

Health licensees who wish to sell, solicit or negotiate Long-Term Care Insurance are required to complete a one-time 8 hour training course followed by an ongoing 4 hour refresher course during each 24 month period thereafter. CB-114 for further details. View Bulletin  More on Long-Term Care Partnership

Flood Training Requirements

Nebraska Property/Casualty resident licensees must complete a one-time 3 hour course relating to the National Flood Insurance Program in order to sell, solicit or negotiate Flood Insurance. CB-112 for further details.