NOTICE - Surplus Lines Filing Requirements

To: All Licensed Surplus Lines Brokers, Agents and Agencies; All Insureds Independently Procuring Nonadmitted Insurance; All Other Interested Parties

Beginning with the 1st quarter 2013 filing, every surplus lines licensee shall be required to make a quarterly filing, irrespective of activity written.

There is now mandatory quarterly reporting by all surplus lines licensees. The Nebraska Department of Insurance no longer allows an exemption from filing to those licensees who have zero activity. Every licensee is required to make a quarterly report.

Each surplus lines licensee is reminded to indicate the ten-digit licensee number on the quarterly filing. Nebraska no longer uses the old eight-digit licensee numbers that had an AS or YS prefix. You can find your ten-digit licensee number at

Each surplus lines licensee is reminded to utilize the latest quarterly reporting form available at There is no change in the reporting form(s) for 2013, although many filers have been utilizing older versions which did not capture all the necessary information and disclosures.

At the present time, Nebraska only accepts paper versions of the quarterly report. Nebraska does not have an electronic filing option for surplus lines filers.