NOTICE - Amendment to the Mandatory Policy Provisions for Sickness and Accident Insurance

To: All Companies Writing Health Insurance in Nebraska

With the passage of LB 72, the Nebraska Legislature created Neb.Rev.Stat. §44- 710.03(13) which states the following:

A provision as follows: CONFORMITY WITH STATE AND FEDERAL LAW: Any provision of this policy which, on its effective date, is in conflict with the law of federal government or the state in which the insured resides on such date is hereby amended to conform to the minimum requirements of such law.

On February 22, 2011, Governor Heineman signed LB 72 into law. LB 72 will become effective 90 days after the conclusion of the current Legislative session. After that date, all sickness and accident policies delivered or issued for delivery to any person in Nebraska shall contain the above provision in the same wording or, the insurer may, at its option, substitute different wording approved by the Director of Insurance which is not less favorable in any respect to the insured or beneficiary.

Questions concerning this notice may be directed to Martin Swanson, Counsel, at Hmartin.swanson@nebraska.govH.