NOTICE - Agency Branch Office Licensing

To: Licensed Insurance Agencies


Effective May 1, 2012, the Nebraska Department of Insurance will no longer require insurance agency branches to be licensed.

The Department is currently transitioning to a new information management system and has determined to no longer require the licensing of branch offices for licensed insurance agencies. Branch offices may be registered with the department by the licensed agency and we will record the branch location and phone number. The agency shall be required to maintain a list of branches and licensed producers within the branch location. However, a separate license is no longer required.

The current active branch office licenses for agencies will expire on April 30, 2012 and will not be renewed thereafter. Renewal notices will not be sent out for branch offices.

As a reminder, nonresident agency licenses may be renewed online at

For further information or questions regarding the licensing of insurance agencies, please contact the Producer Licensing Division with the Nebraska Department of Insurance at 402-471-4913.