NOTICE - 2012 Premium Tax Filing With OPTins

To: All Insurance Companies

The Nebraska Department of Insurance (“Department”) has implemented OPTins (Online Premium Tax for Insurance) for insurance companies beginning with the 2012 quarterly tax return.

On February 3, 2012, the Department provided notice to insurers that OPTins must be utilized when filing premium tax returns beginning with calendar year 2012 premium tax filing requirements. Taking into account comments received from various insurers and other entities, the Department currently believes a tenable solution to the concerns expressed is to no longer require the utilization of OPTins for fulfilling premium tax filing requirements. Accordingly, the use of OPTins by insurers in fulfillment of premium tax filing requirements is now optional. While the Department strongly prefers insurers make use of OPTins for 2012 filing requirements, insurers will be able to file the tax year 2012 Annual Premium Tax Return via paper on forms located at

To Use OPTins

OPTins is currently available for 2012 filing requirements and instructions are available at Once registered and set up, you will be able to log in, upload your filing forms and submit your payment online. Electronic payments can be either ACH debit or ACH credit. To implement OPTins, contact the OPTins Marketing Team at or call (816) 783-8787. If you already use OPTins, you do not have to contact OPTins Marketing—just login and file for Nebraska.

Questions or comments applicable to this notice should be directed to Terry Sindelar, Assistant Chief Examiner, at