Schedule of Company Fees, Taxes, and Deposits

Insurers and Advisory Organizations

NOTE: Per SS 44-150 Nebraska is a retaliatory state and all fees, premium taxes, deposits, and other charges will be charged at the rate in Nebraska Law or the rate charged by the domiciliary state, whichever is higher.

Section I - Fees

Admission Fees
Certificate of Authority application fee non-refundable, due at time of application $1,000
Certificate of Authority filing fee if approved, due prior to issuance of Certificate of Authority $300
Annual Fees
Certificate of Authority renewal(except fraternals and assessments) due before March 1 $100
Domestic Assessment Association due before March 1 $20
Fraternal Benefit Society due before March 1 $50
Annual Statement Filing Fee due before March 1 $200
Forfeiture for late filing per day until filed $100
Other Fees
Filing of Articles of Incorporation due with amended document $20
Filing of Bylaws retaliatory only $0
Name Change (includes fee for amended C.A. and Articles) due at time of request $120
Redomestication (includes fees for amended C.A. and Articles) retaliatory, based upon new state of domicile $120
Addition/Deletion of Line of Business due at time of request $100
Certificate of Deposit due at time of request, per certificate $5
Certificate of Compliance due at time of request, per certificate $5
Certificate of Valuation due at time of request, per certificate $5
Merger due at time of request $50

Section II - Taxes

Premium Taxes
Tax on Direct Premiums (less dividends/refunds) due annually by March 1 1% all premiums other than Group Accident & Health .5% Group Accident & Health
Additional Taxes
Fire Insurance Tax due annually by March 1 .75 % Foreign
.375% Domestic
Workers' Compensation Court Cash Fund due annually by March 1 in years required by SS 48-1,117 1%
Insurance Fraud Assessment due annually by March 1 $200 maximum per SS 44-6606
Quarterly Tax Payments
Companies whose prior year tax liability is $4,000 or greater are required to file quarterly taxes on April 15, June 15, and September 15 per SS 77-918

Section III - Deposits

Insurers' General Deposit to operate in the state in place at time of admission, in this state or admitted state, subject to retaliation $100,000
Special Deposit to Write Workers' Compensation - retaliatory only
Health Maintenance Organizations in this state $300,000
Health Maintenance Organizations additional required if "uncovered" expenditures exceed 10% of total expenditures 120% of total liability for "uncovered" expenditures
Motor Club Deposit or Bond $50,000
Legal Services Corporatio Deposit or Bond $150,000


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