Insurance Fraud Prevention Division

Mission: The mission of the Insurance Fraud Prevention Division is to confront the problem of insurance fraud in Nebraska by prevention, investigation, and prosecution of fraudulent insurance acts in an effort to reduce the amount of premium dollars used to pay fraudulent claims.

The Insurance Fraud Prevention Division is a certified law enforcement division whose duties and responsibilities are to conduct investigations independent of, or in conjunction with, law enforcement agencies when the Division has cause to believe that an act of insurance fraud has been, or is currently being, committed. The Division works in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, and the insurance industry to investigate and prosecute violations of the Nebraska Insurance Fraud Act (Neb.Rev.Stat. §44-6601 - 44-6608). The Division also undertakes independent studies to determine the extent of fraudulent insurance activity in Nebraska. The Division also provides anti-fraud training to the insurance industry, law enforcement agencies, and civic organizations.

Definition: Insurance fraud is any deliberate deception committed against or by an insurance company, insurance agent, or consumer for the purpose of unjustified financial gain. This occurs during the process of buying, using, selling and underwriting insurance.