Electronic Filing Portal & Online Payments

Electronic Filing Portal Information

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Portal FAQs:

  • The Online Electronical Filing portal is in place for domestic and foreign insurance companies and those filings the Supplemental Compensation Exhibit to securely file their confidential regulatory filings with the Nebraska Department of Insurance. 

  • Do I need a password?

    • ​No. You are able to upload filings without submitting credentials or creating a password ahead of time. 

  • ​What needs to be filed? Please refer to the NAIC filing checklist on our website. 

    • ​Domestic and Foreign Companies:

      • ​State Filing Checklist items that are not already filed electronically with the NAIC (notated with 'xxx'). 

      • Biographical affidavits for change/appointment/election of new Board members and officers. 

      • Holding Company filings, which includes Forms B, C, D, & F. 

      • Notice of dividend payments. 

      • Surplus notes requests. 

      • Other correspondence. 

    • ​Supplemental Compensation Exhibits (required by ALL companies, foreign and domestic, licensed in Nebraska)

  • ​​How does the portal work?

    • ​Choose your filing type, and input the requested information into the online form. Then, download your file. Click submit. 

    • You will receive an email receipt. 

    • We will receive notification that something has been filed. 

Online Payment Portal Information

Online Payment Portal

The Department has an online portal to accept payment for various fees. The fees that can be paid through this portal are all UCAA fees, Certificate of Authority issuance fees, Form B filings fees, TPA late filing fees, and Certificate requests. There is also an "Other" category for Department payments that do not fall within the above categories.