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Our Financial Regulation Division is responsible for monitoring the financial solvency of one of the largest domestic industries in the country. As part of our financial solvency monitoring, we conduct ongoing analysis of quarterly financial statements and other statutory filings and conduct on-site financial examinations every three to five years. In addition to monitoring our domestic insurance industry, the Regulation Division is also responsible for the licensure and ongoing financial compliance of all insurance companies who write business in Nebraska. Finally, the division audits over 1600 premium tax returns though which the NDOI collects over $100 million in premium tax revenue. 

The Division is led by the Chief Financial Regulator Lindsay Crawford and the Deputy Chief Financial Regulator Andrea Johnson. 

To learn about the multiple areas of our division and the people leading those areas, click on the applicable section below. 

Lindsay Crawford

Chief Financial Regulator
Lindsay Crawford, CFE
(402) 471-4734

Andrea Johnson
Deputy Chief Financial Regulator
Andrea Johnson, CFE

(402) 471-4641

Financial Examination Team

The Financial Examination team is responsible for conducting on-site financial examinations of all Nebraska domestic insurance companies in accordance with Nebraska Statutes and Regulations, and the NAIC Financial Condition Examiners Handbook. The examinations are conducted to determine the financial condition of the company, its ability to meet and fulfill its obligations, and whether it has complied with the provisions of Nebraska Statutes. 

For questions related to financial exams, please contact:
Tadd Wegner
Assistant Chief Examiner - Field
Tadd Wegner, CFE
(402) 471-4152

Financial Analysis Team

The Financial Analysis team is responsible for conducting in-house audits of all Nebraska domestic insurance companies' financial statements and other supplemental filings as required to monitor the insurers' statutory compliance and solvency on an ongoing basis. The Analysis team takes a risk-focused approach and strives to identify financial issues early to address problems and/or rehabilitate companies prior to insolvency. 

For questions related to financial analysis, please contact:
TJ Addison
Assistant Chief Examiner - Analysis
TJ Addison, CFE
(402) 471-0343

Company Administration Team

The Company Administration team is responsible for licensing all insurance companies seeking licensure in Nebraska, as well as, many other miscellaneous company types including but not limited to third-party administrators, risk retention groups, and purchase groups. The team is also responsible for the audit of over 1600 premium tax returns annually and over 1800 surplus lines tax filings quarterly, and the related collection of over $100 million in tax. Additionally, the team monitors and ensures compliance of insurers licensed in Nebraska as well as oversees pre-need burial trusts. 

For questions related to the Company Administration area, please contact the following:
Kristy Hadden
Company Administration
Kristy Hadden
(402) 471-0373

Holding Company Team

The Holding Company team consists of three areas: holding company, international insurance, and investments. Each of these areas has a specialized part in supporting the Financial Examination and Financial Analysis teams' monitoring of the financial solvency of Nebraska's domestic insurers. The roles of each respective area is as follows:

  • Holding Company is responsible for reviewing Forms B, C, D, and F to ensure compliance with Nebraska Statutes and Regulations and the NAIC Accounting Practices and Procedures. 
  • International Insurance is responsible for coordinating supervisory colleges and monitoring international insurance activities at the NAIC and IAIS.
  • Investments assist with the ongoing monitoring of insurer investments and investment accounting practices of the insurance industry by reviewing investment portfolios, investment strategies, and working with the NAIC and Securities Valuation Office.  

For questions related to holding company filings, please contact:
Jill Gleason
Assistant Chief Examiner - Holding Company
Jill Gleason, CFE
(402) 471-3164

Actuarial Team

The Actuarial team performs actuarial review and analysis to ensure that all domestic insurers comply with the American Academy of Actuaries - Actuarial Standards of Practice. The Actuarial team supports other areas of the NDOI through a review of the annual actuarial opinions, assistance with financial examinations, and review of various rate filings including Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace and long-term care. 

For actuarial-related questions, please contact:
Michael Muldoon
Chief Actuary
Michael Muldoon, MAAA, ASA, FCA
(402) 471-1433

General Inquiries

For general questions regarding the Financial Regulation Division of the Nebraska Department of Insurance, please contact:
Jillian Boston
Staff Assistant
Jillian Boston
(402) 471-4645

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