NOTICE - Major Medical Health Rate Filing Information Added to Website

The Nebraska Department of Insurance has recently implemented several rate review enhancements for major medical health insurance. To improve transparency and permit applicable comments, the Department of Insurance website now includes public access to rate increase information.

In an effort to provide greater public information and input into the health insurance rate review process, the Department is providing Nebraskans the opportunity to view rate adjustment requests for individual and small group health insurance plans. The website also has contact information for health insurance carriers in Nebraska along with links to the company websites. Questions to common answers are included, along with other useful links. The website has the ability to notify applicable health plan enrollees by email when their insurance company files a rate adjustment request. Additionally, impacted plan enrollees will be able to offer comments which will be compiled in a report and submitted to appropriate carriers for their consideration.

To access the health rate filings and public comments website, please follow

Any questions concerning this notice should be directed to the Life & Health Division at 402-471-2201.