NOTICE – SERFF Filing Access

Recently, the Nebraska Department of Insurance has enhanced the access to both Life & Health and Property & Casualty form and rate filings through SERFF Filing Access (SFA).

This electronic public access is new to Nebraska and allows for filings to be viewed more conveniently. Computer access will allow form and/or rate filings to be viewed from an office or home, literally anywhere, day or night.

To begin: Go to the Nebraska Department of Insurance (NDOI) website located at, then:

  1. click on Market Regulation
  2. select either the Life & Health or Property & Casualty tab
  3. select Division Home Page
  4. under the title “Life & Health Information” or “Property & Casualty Information”, scroll down and click on SERFF Filing Access (SFA).

If suitable computer access is not available, the public access terminals at NDOI are still available for use in viewing and/or copying filings. Please contact our office at 402-471-4551 or submit a formal data request to to schedule an appointment to view filings on one of our “public access” computer terminals.