NEWS RELEASE - Open Enrollment Deadline Approaching for Health Insurance Coverage

Open Enrollment Deadline Approaching for Health Insurance Coverage

The Nebraska Department of Insurance reminds consumers wishing to obtain individual healthcare policies of the December 15, 2015 open enrollment deadline for coverage starting on January 1 of 2016. For those individuals not automatically re-enrolled, and desirous of continuous insurance coverage or coverage beginning on January 1, 2016, it is important to enroll on or before December 15, 2015. Consumers who purchase their insurance after December 15, 2015, but prior to January 15, 2016, can expect their insurance coverage to begin on February 1 of 2016. The Department suggests that individuals should not only look at the cost but also at the quality of the plan’s network, as well as the copays, deductibles and coinsurance. “Having a gap in insurance coverage can be extremely problematic,” said state insurance director, Bruce Ramge. “An uncovered illness or injury can become very costly for individuals or their families.”

Director Ramge urges Nebraskans to shop around and seek the help of an agent or broker even if they have signed up for auto-enrollment of coverage through the marketplace. “Nebraskans are fortunate to have so many different plans from which to choose, with a variety of price points,” said Ramge.

When shopping for an agent or broker, it is important to ask the agent:

  • if they are licensed with the state;
  • if they are registered with; and
  • if they have appointments with the insurance companies for which they are selling plans.

Open enrollment for 2016 health insurance coverage began on November 1 and runs through January 31. In order to avoid a lapse in coverage, it is imperative that consumers purchase the plan by December 15, 2015.

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